NABTEB GCE 2018 Geography physical + Practical Questions and Answers Expo/runs

NABTEB GCE 2018 Geography physical + Practical Questions and Answers Expo/runs


Old scale = 1.50,000
To get the new scale divide the old scale by 2
Ie 150,000/2 = 1/50,000 x ½
Therefore new scale = 1/100,000 = 1:100,000

Gradient between Lokogema and Angwan pasali Gradient = vertical interval/horizontal equivalent
– Legagema is locate on the contour 46om
– Angwan pasali is on the contour 480m
– Horizontal equivalent = 3cm = 30cm
Gradient = 480 – 460/300 = 20/300
= 2/30 = 1/15
Therefore Gradient between Logogema and Angwan pasali is 1 in 15

(1b) the distance from kett to Gbauzekoyako through the minor road = 4.5cm which is equivalent to 2.25km

The bearing of Gaube from Kasnda = 290°

The vertical interval of pima Hill = 450 – 320 = 130m

Dafara 1 is visible from Bamashi since there is no presence of Higher contour in between

The direction of flow of River Koji is west ward

The relief feature of the posted area in the south – west of the map is very ridge and characterized by very steep slope. It is bounded by hills such as Kaho, Zango and Pima. It is flooded by rivers such as River Robo some of the river had their source from the High land

Absence of road network in the South East of the map is as the result of relief features such of ridges, colpas, escarpment, conical hill and cuesta hill are characterized by steep slopes and irregular surfaces

PIMA HILL: it is long narrow hill represented by series of elongated contour lines and the length is greater that it’s width. Pima Hill is characterized by steep slopes. The contours run almost parallel to each other

Graphical Coodinate of KUJE NE K/T map. It lies between Longitude 7°15’E and 7°30’E and Latitude 9°0’N 8°45’N

(i) Deforestation: can be seen as an act of Indiscriminate felling of lumberable trees as timber and for agriculture purpose thereby leading to the destruction of natural forest
(ii) Afforestation: this is the planting of trees to control erosion inorder to replace those that have been cut down
Reforestation: This is the replanting of trees in areas which don’t contain plant before inorder to check erosion of desort encroachment

(i) Cutting down of trees for agricultural purpose faming in an area must involve clearing of bushed trees to enable the farmer to make ridges or prepare the land for planting
(ii) Cutting down of trees for firewood and as raw materials for the production of paper pulp, match stick and tooth pick etc.

(i) it leads to deterioration of environment
(ii) it leads prevents the existence of wild life
(iii) it increase evaporation of environment
(iv) it lowers the nutrients in the soil

The north Atlantic Ocean also known as the north Atlantic Drift movement is a powerful warm western boundary current within the Atlantic Ocean that extends the Golf stem northeast ward
The NAC originates from where the GULF stream turns north at the southeast new found land Rise. The NAC flows northward east of the Grand Banks, from 40°N to 51°N before turning sharply east to cross the Atlantic. It transports more warm tropical water to northern latitudes than any other boundary current. More than any other boundary current. More that 40sv in the South and 20sv as it crosses the mud Atlantic Ridge. It reaches speeds of 2knots near the north America Cost directed by in controls to the meanders of the GULF steam the NAC meanders remain stable without breaking one into eddies.


(i) Management: it is also find to be used popularly in offices an organization in taking management decisions
(ii) Transporter Logistics: The GIS is equally used by transporters in enabling them to draw out certain Logistic in transportation system
(iii) insurance: the GIS is also found to be useful in the insurance sector of the economy. It enables the expects in insurance sub-sector to take critical decision in making their insurance business
(iv) Telecommunication: The GIs is also found to be useful in the field of telecommunication sub-sector of the economy

(1) mouse
(2) touch screen monitor
(3) keyboard
(iv) scanner
(v) joystick

(i) satellite image
(ii) Existing maps
(iii) Land surveys
(iv) Aerial photographs
(v) socio – economic statistical record


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