2018 NABTEB GCE BIOLOGY Practical Solutions Answers Expo/runs

2018 NABTEB GCE BIOLOGY Practical Solutions Answers Expo/runs

Light meter


-Carbon dioxide


-Osmosis occurs in liquid medium only while Diffusion occurs in gases and liquids
-Osmosis occurs naturally in living organisms while diffusion occurs in living and non-living organisms


–There is absence of scent
–Flowers are usually dull coloured

It produces an oil called sebum that keeps skin moist

(i) Xerophyte:
-Possession of deep root structures
-Possession of thin or small leaves and waxy surfaces to retain moisture

(ii) Hydrophyte:
-Possession of large flat leaves on surface plants for floatation
-Possession of thin cuticle



-It is used for detection of vibration and pressure in water

-Shortage of food

-Back pain
-Dark urine

(a) Onion bulb: Bulb
(b) Cassava: Cutting


A – Queen termite
B – Soldier termite

I – Compound eye
II – Spiracle
III – Abdomen
IV – Hardened cuticle
V – Antenna
VI – Mandible

Under A:
-Large abdomen
-Small head
-Patches of hardened cuticle present
-Absence of Mandible

Under B (Soldier)
-Small abdomen
-Large head
-Patches of hardened cuticle absent
-Present of powerful mandible

Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta

-Body covered with exoskeleton made of chitin
-Three pairs of jointed legs
-Abdomen is segmented
-Presence of spiracles on abdomen

-It helps in aeration of the soil by burrowing inside the soil
-It is a good source of protein

Incomplete metamorphosis



The Human Eye (vertical section)

I – Sclera
II – Rectus muscle
III – Retina
IV – Yellow sport
V – Optic nerve
VI – Blind spot
VII – Ciliary body
VIII – Iris
IX – Lens
X – Conjuctiva

II – It controls eye movement
III – It has light-sensitive cells called photoreceptors, which transforms these into light rays into electrical impulses.
(V) It transmits impulse to the brain
(VII) It holds lens in place
(IX) It helps to refracts and focuses light rays that enters the eye

(i) Bright light: Muscles of the iris contract, making pupil small and reduce the amount of light entering the eye.
(ii) Dim light: It tends to expand in dim light

(i) Short–sightedness (myopia)
(ii) Long–sightedness (hypermetropia)

(i) Short sightedness is corrected by wearing spectacles fitted with concave or diverging lenses
(ii) Long sightedness is corrected by using spectacles fitted with suitable convex or converging lenses

(i) Use clean water to wash face always
(ii) Avoid staying in areas containing fumes or smoke that can irritate eye


(i) Root
(ii) Bulb
(iii) Leaves
(iv) Tuber

(i) Root
(ii) Leaves
(iii) Stem
(iv) Stem

(i) Adventitious Root
(ii) Stem
(iii) leaves

I – Stem cutting
II – Bulb
III – Rhizomes

Anaerobic respiration in yeast

Incase of overflow of the reaction



10 degree C – 40 degree C

Because the rate of reaction has decreased as a result of bridge in minimun and optimum temperature


A – Gametes
B – Zygotes

(i) Parents: Black coat colors
(ii) Offspring: 3 black and 1 white

PLS NOTE: Draw circles (Here, my 0 is none shaded circe while @ is a shaded circle, so draw in your book, dont write this instruction ooo):
Parent – 00 00
Offspring – 00 0@

(i) The genotype of the gamates are Bb and Bb
(ii) The genotypes of the offspring are BB, Bb, Bb and bb


2018 NABTEB GCE BIOLOGY Practical Solutions Answers Expo/runs

2018 NABTEB GCE BIOLOGY Practical Solutions Answers Expo/runs

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