The transition from secondary school to university brings delight to every fresher. Your mind begins to wander on what to expect from the university.

Incoming freshers face many unexpected challenges as well as new opportunities.

However, being aware of those uncertainties beforehand helps students prepare themselves adequately to handle school successfully. Hence, the need for this orientation.

As a fresher, building relationships (defined) with your lecturers can bring many benefits. First, you’ll be able to get additional help when needed. Second, you’ll learn firsthand of any events and organizations available on-campus and off-campus that might interest you. Many lecturers serve as patrons to clubs, groups and associations that you could join to network with faculty members and other students.

Third, you’ll eventually need recommendation letters from lecturers when applying for scholarships and even jobs. Therefore, it’s important to get to know a few lecturers within your field who are able to speak highly of your work ethics and character.

It’s pertinent to note that finance is what keeps your education going. Therefore, take the time to figure out the total amount of your university expenses, your current financial status and what financial resources are available to you in order to pay for your university education without accumulating too much debt. You should also research on scholarships and work study opportunities and apply to as many as possible to take advantage of the potential monetary benefits. Freshers are eligible to most scholarship offers. The truth is, there will always be right opportunities but it’s about you handling the opportunities right. You should know that university differs greatly from the secondary school, since you’ll be the only one responsible for completing your homework, and you won’t have parents and teachers constantly reminding you about it. You are expected to hold yourself accountable for your course works. It’s important to understand that missing even one assignment can greatly affect you. You may ask, what’s the big deal about it?

This is because most classes only meet once or twice per week. If your homework is to review for an upcoming exam, make sure to do so. Reviewing early will give you ampletime to meet your lecturer for any necessary clarification or question before the exam date.

Moreso, you may join a club, organization, sports team or even the student council. This will enable you enhance your leadership skills, alongside your time management and social skills. Also, you’ll get an opportunity to make new friends and represent your school on a larger scale. This would help you gain valuable experience that you can put on your resume, such as team leading, mentoring, tutoring, communication skills etc. In the end, you’ll be able to impact others by putting your strength to work.

To add to your existing knowledge, I would recommend this book “I wish I knew this before I went to the University” by Tekena Ikoko. The book covers captivating stories and practical principles on relationship, money and campus life.

You sure would need it as a fresher.

Examhot Congratulate You On Your Success..

Shine on!!

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