Are You Always Confused?? Check Out The Difference Between Faculty Of Social Science And Management Science

Difference between Faculty of social science and management science

There are different facilities in Nigeria institution and each faculty is approved and regulated by national university commission NUC.
The name of a faculty determine the courses you can find under such faculty however there are cases of overlapping in some faculty.


However some faculty can easily be distinguish from the others.

Faculty of science, art and social science are one of the most popular faculties in the world however there are many more faculties.

The reason for creating this thread is to enlighten and to show the difference between faculty of social science and faculty of management science.

Faculty of management science : it often deals with managerial department. The department focuses on business,management, managerial and entrepreneurship skills.

Some of the courses under faculty of management science are

Business admin

Faculty of social science.

It’s a faculty that play essential role in faculty of management and sometimes both faculty are consider to be the same which is actually incorrect.

Faculty of social science sometime bridge
The gap between art, science and management science.

Some of the courses under faculty of social science are.

Political sciences
Public admin
International relations.

It’s very important for all prospective students to choose a course with the full knowledge of the faculty of their choice.

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