KWASU 2017/2018 Approved Undergraduate Academic Calendar

The Management of Kwara State University, Malete [KWASU] has released the approved academic calendar for the 2017/2018 session.

The academic calendar consists of first and second semester with One eight-week summer or long vacation session.

Each Semester includes 15 weeks of instruction and One week of final
examinations. The long vacation session
includes a one-eight – one-six week- and two four week periods of instruction.

*Monday 7th August, 2017

– Student Registration online/Orientation week begins
*Monday 14th August, 2017
Lectures begin
*Monday 21st August, 2017

*Thursday – Friday October, 2017
Mid-Term Break
*Tuesday 7th, November, 2017
*Friday 24th November,2017
– Lectures end
*Monday – Sat.27th Nov.- 2nd Dec, 2017
– Final Examination
*Saturday 2nd December, 2017
– First Semester Break begins
*Friday 8th December, 2017
– All Grades Uploaded and Submitted to HODs by 12noon
*Tuesday 12th December, 2017
– College Boards’ Meeting to Approve Grades by 4.00PM
*Thursday 14th December, 2017
– SBC Meeting on Grades by 10am
*Friday 15th December, 2017
– Senate meeting to Approve Grades by
*Saturday 16th December, 2017
– Electronic Release of GRADES, 12 noon

*Monday 8th January, 2018
– Add and /Drop begins
*Monday 15th January, 2018
Lectures begin
*Monday 22nd January, 2018
Add and /Drop Ends
*Thursday –Fri.22nd- 23th March, ‘18
– Mid-Term Break
*Monday 26th March, 2018
Lectures Begins
*Saturday 28th April, 2018
Lectures End
*Monday – Sat.30th April – 5th May, ‘18 – Final Examination
*Saturday 5th May, 2018
Second Semester End
*Friday 11th May,2018
– Final Grades Upload and Submission to HOD by 12 noon
*Monday 14th May,2018
– College Boards’ Meeting to Approve Grades by 4.00PM
*Thursday 17th May, 2018
SBC Meeting on Grades
*Friday 18th May,2018
– Senate meeting to Approve Grades by
*Saturday 19th May,2018
– Electronic Release of Final GRADES to students by 12noon
*Saturday 2nd June, 2018 –
2018 Convocation Day
Long Vacation (Summer) Session, 2018
*Monday 4th June, 2018 –
Lectures Begin
*Monday 11th June, 2018-
8-Week and 1st 4 Week Sessions Begin
*Monday 18th June,2018
– 1st 4-Week Session Ends
*Monday 25th June,2018
– 2nd4-Week Session Begins
*Monday 9th July, 2018
– 6-Week Session Begins
*Monday 16th July,2018
– All Session End
*Friday 20th July, 2018
– SBC Meeting on Grades by 10am
*Friday 20th July, 2018
– Senate Meeting to approve of Results by 1 PM
*Monday 23rd July, 2018
Electronic Release of Grades to Students, 4.00PM

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